About KVTC


As a nonprofit civilian-run and non-entreprise department of Yushu prefecture, Kunpen vocational skill training center was official registered and founded in the Yushu prefecture's civil affairs bureau at the end of 2005 and the agricultural and animals husbandry bureau of Yushu prefecture is Kunpen's business director.

All of KVTC’s operation expenditure comes from the legal income of organization’s member and donation of non-government organization, enterprise and individual. KVTC’s nonprofit business have no any political and religionary purpose,it’s completely a public welfare work of local people (farmer and herdsmen).

KVTC direct at the actuality that numerous local people lack of essential laboring skill and vocational conception in their life,it provides some essential training such as skill training,ability training, environmental protection lecture,entrepreneurial instruction and vocational introduction for the local people assist with three-level government of prefecture,country and town.